Our Founder

Adam is the Founder and Lead Idea Generator of Top Shelf Advertising. After years of experience in the advertising industry in both New Jersey and Manhattan Adam decided to launch Top Shelf Advertising in 2016. He was born and raised in New Jersey where he still currently resides today. The journey into advertising began by writing a paper that achieved 1st place earning the AWNY scholarship award in 2011 at Rowan University where he then  graduated in 2013 with a Bachelors of Arts in Advertising. Adam grew up a Hockey player and still continues to play and follow the sport which helped inspire “Top Shelf” to this day. In his spare time Adam also enjoys a strategic game of chess as well as Golf. We never settle and we’re never satisfied until you are.

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As your Advertising Agency, we realize the importance of digital advertising and a results driven approach. Our goal is to bridge the gap between good and bad by eliminating the negatives and optimizing the positives throughout all of your advertising efforts. We will act as your strategic partner and we will solve the unique puzzle that your business presents to deliver “Top Shelf” results.

Dedicated to helping business owners with their advertising & marketing

Top Shelf Advertising is dedicated to helping our clients with their advertising & marketing efforts with the utmost integrity. We realize that trust is a very important factor when it comes to handling your business and we consistently prove that we are worthy of that trust.

Our logo is the shape of a pyramid which represents the hierarchy of our values. On the top of the pyramid are the words Top Shelf. We are called Top Shelf Advertising because “Top Shelf” is a hockey term that refers to the most elusive and difficult part of the hockey net to reach where high quality goals are scored. Our agency aims for those “Top Shelf” goals, planning strategies that deliver meaningful, high quality results, rather than going after the “low-hanging fruit.” Similar to the business world advertising is often considered a difficult aspect of business to master but extremely valuable when executed properly.

Above everything we will make sure to provide premium service to our clients while achieving those elusive and difficult to reach results that when reached can produce high-quality effectiveness. Our symbol underneath the words “Top Shelf “in our logo is an infinity sign that represents the infinite number of solutions created by our Idea Generators that adapt to the rapidly evolving advertising landscape. Finally, at the bottom you will see the word “Advertising” which is the foundation of our business. We know the business of advertising and will handle it so you have more time to focus on your business’ core competencies.